Frequently asked questions

1.Why can't I delete my user name or password?
2. What is the Affiliated Institution box about?
3. How do I choose my location when searching for classifieds?
4. How do I search classifieds by affiliated institution?
5. How do I pick a location when listing?
6. NonProfit classifieds. How does this work
7. Learn how to play the Bigger and Better game online, and have fun.
8. Learn how to use the public classifieds section.

Why can't I delete my user name or password?

Due to security reasons, we are not allowing our members to delete their accounts or change their passwords at this time. If for any reason you wish to get rid of your account, stop using it and our server will delete it after four months of inactivity. After doing so, you can immediately register for a new account, in which you will be able to enter all of your new personal information. Please click the following link if you would like to register again Registration.


What is the Affiliated Institution box about?

The purpose of this box is to market your service or item to other members that belong to or are affiliated with the same institution(s) as you. There is a higher possibility in finding a buyer, seller or trader in your book club, church, school, or university since all members have common interests. Therefore by entering the name of your church, club, etcetera, in this box, members will be able to see your posted item(s) when they choose to see listed items under your affiliated institution name. When posting your items, remember to enter the name that all members will use to refer to the institution, club, church, etcetera. You may leave this box empty if you wish.

Other members will be able to see your items/services by doing the following: under the 'Public Classifieds' box on the home page, select an item under 'Select your category – books, music, yard sale, etcetera. Then under 'select your activity' choose 'By affiliated institution' and click 'Go.' For example, to see all books listed under your institution’s name follow this link path: bGlocal Home page > Public Classifieds > Books > By affiliated institution. You can follow the same steps for any other category: movies, music, books, etcetera.

You must read and agree to article 13 of our Terms and Conditions of Use before you enter anything into this box.



How do I choose my location when searching for classifieds?

When you are searching for classifieds on our Website, your geographical location is important. Always look at the top of the page to see where you are searching. We recommend that you begin your search by starting with a specific location and broadening it to a less specific one. This is because it is usually easier, faster, and safer to communicate and meet with people in your city than with those that live farther away from you. Generalizing or narrowing down your search requires that you change your location. To do so, click on 'Location' at the top of the page. When searching a specific location, you must enter the following into the location form: the country, state/province and city in which you desire to find all classifieds and available trades. If you cannot find what you are looking for, only specify your country and state/province. If you still cannot find what you are looking for, just search your country. Good luck when searching!


How do I search classifieds by affiliated institution?

When a member lists a classified, he or she may enter the name of the institution that he or she is affiliated to. Affiliations include but are not limited to specific neighborhood clubs, sports clubs, churches, societies, schools, or any kinds of associations with certain institutions. By including the institution’s name in the listing, the member’s primary goal is to advertise the item or service among other members who are also related to the same institution. Thus, when you search for and enter the name of an organization in the “Affiliated Institution” box, all items that are somehow related to this organization will be displayed.


How do I pick a location when listing?

The location entered should be the one at which you want to market your item, service, etcetera. You can list your product, item or service in any location around the world, but please consider whether or not you are able to respond to the market’s demand in terms of estimated time of delivery, whether or not you can ship your item to that specific location, the cost of the delivery, etcetera. Therefore, we suggest that you advertise your item or service near the location in which your company or home is located, or in the most populated city near you.  


NonProfit classifieds donations links. How does this work?

Before you start reading, please be aware of the following:
1. Anybody can submit a donation link to us on behalf of nonprofits for consideration. Click on the drop down menu at the top of the page for this.
2. Nonprofits are not involved in our Website classifieds activities with members, users, sellers or buyers. They just give us permission to post their donation links on our Website for donation purposes.
3. Please read our Terms of Service for more information.

The purpose of these nonprofits donations links is to provide an online alternative for users to donate to nonprofits a percentage of their proceeds from their online classifieds activities with us. You may choose to donate up to 100% of your proceeds to a non-profit organization. Good examples of non-profits include: Churches, clubs, your local library, schools, and charities.

In order to start buying or listing items under any non-profits donation link, the link must be set up on its behalf by you or one of our Website members. To check for donations links, enter a geographical location by clicking location at top of the page, then, check our home page to see if a nonprofit donation link is listed in the drop down menu. If there’s not, you may suggest one to us for consideration.

To suggest a donation link you may do the following: Go to our home page, and click on 'Classifieds' at the top of the page. Then, select 'Non-Profit Classifieds' and click on 'Submit a non-profit donation link’. Fill and submit the form, and wait for us to approve it. As soon as the form is approved, the non-profit donation link will be listed on our home page under its respective geographical location. You must read and agree with our Terms of Service before you submit any nonprofit name. Be aware that we ask non-profits permission before links are displayed.

If, after selecting the location, your non-profit donation link is listed, select it and select your activity. Upon clicking the activity menu, you will see different options such as “See all sales under this donation link” and “list a sale on behalf of this donation link.” However, if you do not register with us, you will not to be able to access some of these options. Click on “Register” at the top of the page and fill the registration form to gain access to the other options. As soon as you register and log in, you will be able to work with any selection from the drop down menu.

Here is a list of all possible selections from the menu:
1. All by member name: Select this option to see all items listed by a specific member. Please type in the member's username.
2. Delete listed: Select this option to delete a particular classified. A list of current classifieds will be displayed. Select the one that you would like to delete. You may only delete one classified at a time.
3. Edit listed: Select this option to edit one of your classifieds. You can only edit the title and the classified’s comment.
4. Find specific sale: Select this option to search for a particular item. Enter the item’s name in the search bar, for example, piano.
5. List a sale on behalf of this donation link: Select this option to list an item you are willing to sell. First, you must log in. Then fill the form and click “insert.”
6. See all sales under this donation link: Select this option to view all classifieds listed under a particular donation link.
7. See your listings: Select this option to view all of your classifieds associated with a particular donation link.


Learn how to play the Bigger and Better game online, and have fun.

The purpose of the Bigger and Better game is to upgrade an item by trading it for another one that is bigger or better in value than the one that you possess. You can trade the item by posting a classifieds on our Website, under the Bigger and Better section. The main idea is to trade an item of low value for an item of higher value and to continue trading the item that you received after your last exchange, stopping when you get the object you really want. So, your goal is to get what you want just by swapping - without the use of money! By your last trade, you may get the laptop, boat, motorcycle, trip, house, car, etc. that you’ve always wanted. Only you can set your goal and know when to stop trading.There is always the possibility of upgrading. The person receiving the less valuable item may not want the more valuable object he is trading with you; it may be useless to him or he may want the item that you are offering so much that he does not care about the difference in value. Maybe the object is taking up too much space in his house or the person just wants to help you with the game. Either way, it is a win-win situation for both of you. You may also want to go door-to-door in your neighborhood, and ask you neighbors for an item exchange. If so, explain that you are playing the Bigger and Better game on our website, and give them your username so that they can follow your trading online; doing this may help you achieve your goal faster.

At some point, you may be willing to downgrade your item so as to get a more marketable item that may help you to move forward faster in your path to achieve your ultimate goal, but this is a decision only you can make. We do not claim to be the creator of this game. There are a lot of websites that explain and talk about this game under different names and variations. We just decided to add it to our website for fun and for the benefit of our users. We hope that you enjoy it and start listing your trades. Every time that you make a trade, you can upgrade your item thread listing by adding the new item to the particular thread. Read 'Add item to thread' in the terms and definitions on this page, for more information. You may search the Internet for videos and more information about this game. Just search for 'bigger and better game' in YouTube or in your favorite search engine.

Game Regulations

1) We recommend that you start trading with an object low in value. It may be a pair of scissors, nail clippers, a pencil, a pen, a movie, etc.

2) Follow the Terms of Service of this website.

3) If you choose to go door-to-door, use common sense. Notify someone of what you are doing, and do not do it alone. Do not enter anyone's house, always be on the alert, and once again read our Terms of Service. Good luck, and have fun!

Terms and Definitions: These are the list of words that you will encounter when selecting your activity in our home page.

1. List a trade: After logging in, you can advertise the item that you are willing to trade by selecting this option. By doing so you are opening a thread. All other following trades related to this item will be linked together under this thread.

2. See all trades: By selecting this option, you can view all available items that other members are willing to trade. This option is limited to the trades at your selected location.

3. Edit listed: Select this option if you wish to edit one of your listed Bigger and Better game classifieds. Through this option, you can edit its title and the description.

4. Delete listed: Select this option if you wish to remove a particular Bigger and Better game listing from a particular thread.

5. See your listed: Select this option if you wish to view all your Bigger and Better game classifieds.

6. Find specific trade: Use this option to find a particular item that you would like to get by trading the one that is presently in your possession. You can utilize this option, for example, if you are looking to trade with a person who has a chair that you would like to obtain.

7. All by member name: Select this option if you want to see all items listed by a specific member. Please type in the member's username!

8. By affiliated institution: Select this option if you want to see all classifieds listed under a specific organization/institution name.

9. Add item to thread: Select this option when you have successfully traded your previous item for another item, and are willing to advertise the newly received item by adding it to the particular thread. The purpose of listing the newly received item is to upgrade it by getting involved in another trade. If you do not wish to trade any longer, just stop trading (refer to 'Close or open thread'). Be sure to add the new item received to the correct item thread, since you may have more than one thread at one time. This lets prospective traders know if your previous item is still available, and what object you currently wish to trade.

10. Delete an entire thread: Select this option if you wish to remove a thread you have created. A thread is a chain that details what item you started with, what items you traded your original item for, and what current item you are holding and willing to trade. If you delete a thread, the chain that details the information previously stated will no longer exist.

11. See your top and downline items: Select this option to view all trades under a particular thread that you created. It will show all the items for each particular thread from your first listed item to the last. If, for example, you traded a paper clip for a pencil, and a pencil for notebook, the thread will detail your trades starting from the top item (paper clip) and ending at the last item (notebook).

12. Close or open thread: Select this option if you want to stop trading (because you're satisfied with your last trade), or want to resume trading within a particular thread. To stop trading, type in 'Closed'. This will prevent others from contacting you for information. To resume trading, type 'Open' This will allow others to contact you if they are interested in your item.

13. See top 25 most traded: Select this option if you wish to view the top 25 threads that have the longest list of traded items.

14. See top 25 most popular: Select this option if you wish to see the top 25 threads which were flagged as 'Best' throughout the world. Vote to see if your favorites reach the top!

15. See top 25 at my location: Select this option if you wish to see the top 25 threads at your location. You can change your geographical location at any time.

16. Thread trading history by member: Select this option if you would like to view all thread(s) under another member's username. Please type in the username!


Learn how to use the public classifieds section.

To list a classifieds with us is very simple:

First of all, make sure to select the geographical location where you would like your activities to take place; otherwise you won’t be able to execute any activity. To do this, click on “Select or change location” at the top of the page and enter your country, state and city in the Location form. Furthermore, it is important that you log onto the website. If you have not yet registered with us, click “Registration” at the top of the page and fill the form to become a member. After you have logged in and selected your location, you can begin using the public classifieds section.

To list, search or to do anything under the public classifieds section, select your category and then select your activity from the corresponding drop down menu. There any many categories from which you can choose including cars, books, and electronics to name a few. If what you are searching for or listing does not match a category, select OTHER. After selecting your category, please select your activity. Activities are self-explanatory. If, for example, you select “computers and related” as your category and are looking to find all computers listed for sale, select “see all sales” as your activity and click “go.”

We hope that you will enjoy and benefit from using this section of our website. Good luck!  


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