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Our service is very unique and attractive to anyone willing to Buy, Sell, Trade, Free or Wish products, goods, items or services over the Internet. On our Website you can list your classifieds or get in contact with other users. .

Our name bGlocal means that we provide "global" and "local" classifieds service to our clients around the "globe" in order to help them to do business, "b", or to market their products and/or services anywhere in the world; especially locally, in the city, town, or largest city closest to them.


There are many advantages of listing with us.

1.- Listing or posting is free. If you place a classifieds ad with us - at the right location and price - the probabilities of someone wanting to Buy, Sell, Trade, Free or Wish are really high. We, however, do not guarantee anything since you set the price and location.

2.- We believe in face-to-face transactions. It does not matter if you want to Buy, Sell, Trade, Free or Wish. Face-to-face transactions are fast and the item can be inspected before the deal is done. With our specially designed search engines, you can find the exact item that you are looking, at your selected geographical location if there is any available. You can also find the right client at the location of your choice, since we have a wanted list.


3.- You can Buy, Sell, Trade, Free or Wish with anybody around the world. When your item is listed with us, you can wait for the best offer for as long as you want. Your products can be taken out of the market at anytime, since there is no contract or obligation for the seller to sell or for the buyer to buy. 

We believe that there are so many potential sellers and buyers in your town, county, state, or nearest big city that a face-to-face transaction can be a viable way of doing business with others. However, please be reminded that we do not guarantee anything since you are the one entering the price, location, pictures and description.

Our service mainly help people that can't wait for long auctions. By using our service, you can be in control of what you want and can enjoy our - Buy, Sell, Trade, Free or Wish - service that many other websites do not offer.

Thank you for doing business with us.



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